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Designed specifically for the ERP department

Small and medium-sized enterprises to meet all their financial and administrative needs.

ERP and corporate.
A cloud platform upon which your business depends

Target ERP is the premier cloud platform for business solutions for organizations and companies, included more than one cloud service
Including accounts, sales, purchases, inventory, human resources, and project management.

Integrated platform

Target integrated accounting and management platform to follow and manage your business from anywhere easily

The next generation of ERP

On top of all this, Target is the next generation of ERP systems for SMEs.

Supports VAT

Target has full support of VAT, and is designed to comply with the regulations and regulations of the General Authority of Zakat and Income.

Custom Subscription System

Target provides you with retail systems and packages that you can customize and define to suit your business, all with an affordable monthly or yearly subscription system.

It works without interruption during 24/7/360

Target cloud system works on the Internet (24/7/340) and does not need to purchase any other hardware or software.

Technical Support

Target is managed by a team specialized in software, accounting and information technology, with experience of more than 20 years

A wide range of software business applications targeted to the domestic and international market

Target offers a full suite of interconnected cloud applications in one platform that helps you to organize, track and manage your business activities in an easy and professional way.

Drag and drop feature

You can choose and define programs according to your business needs

Select your financial and human programs, then click the Subscribe Now button

Advanced Reporting Features

We have provided flexible target reports that can extract any information the system user needs, with the ability to save these reports for later use without the need to redesign.

It allows you to choose any table in any program, choose the columns that you want to show in the report, choose (filter) the output, and then export the data when executing the report in Excel file format to process and output it as you want.

Targeted Services & Activities

The system was developed to meet the requirements of business services

Human Resource Management


Target provides you with all the operations of human resource units management (wages and salaries – leave – employee time and even employee self-services)

Sales & Purchases


Target allows you to create, make and manage all sales and purchases, track its transactions, save its records and archive them electronically and refer to them at any time.

Self-Services for Employee's


I have been providing you with all the operations of human resource units from (wages and salaries – vacations – working hours and even employee self-services)

Financial Management


Managing financial operations in an optimal way to achieve the goals of the facility, planning to manage expenditures, employee wages and disbursement of funds. According to the plans and strategies of senior management

Manufacturing & Production


TARGET enables you to track plant production lines, create bills of materials, plan manufacturing resources, and calculate production and manufacturing costs and all related and interrelated operations.

Customer Relationship Management


Customer Relationship Management is one of the most important resource planning system for Logistics. It seeks to improve the management of existing and future customers with a focus on customer retention in order to drive sales growth

Point of Sale


TARGET offers solutions for managing POS operations (restaurants – stores – pharmacies – warehouses ,,,, etc), the ease and quick of managing all small and medium POS at the lowest costs.

Task Management


Through careful and transparent management, TARGET allows control of all user task organization, task tracking, and progress monitoring tasks for groups and evaluating the performance of employees and workers at the company.

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